These Simple Tutorials are designed to rapidly get you Started Achieving your Dreams and Ambitions.


Hi Guys; 

My name is Mike and I am your Concierge.

Let’s get you started and into the hands of Michelle, who will be taking you through these tutorials.

This is very exciting. Let’s get this Dream Building started.

Finding Your Dream

Finding your dreams or finding which dream is the most important for me to be working on can be a tough one.

We are going to help you get started with this right here.

It’s is very easy and light. Click Play and let’s get started.

Creating Your First Dream

We are gonna take you now, through the first simple steps of creating you very first dream.

I swear, there is an exercise at the end of this video that I can guarantee , you have NEVER done before in all the millenia heading to where you are right at this point in time.

Get ready to roll with it.

How to Create Dream Steps!

Creating Dream Steps is one of the most natural things that you will be doing once you start to get rolling with your Dream Building Skills.

In fact, once you get the hand of this one, you will be able to loo at anything in life. You will start to see the simplicities in those, until now, overwelming things to do and just so easily break em down into the very easy steps.

Click Play and let’s get started.

Dream Weight with Dream Steps

I am almost going to show you how to throw your weight around with this one.

Some Dreams are just more important that others. Fact.

Some steps are just more important than others. That’s right. Saving that Deposit for the Family Home is a Big One. So we give it More Weight.

That Deposit is the Dream Step that get more Weight.

Click Play Now.

Inserting and Rearranging Dream Steps!

You are going to get used to do this quite often.

You never know when you are going to have a bright idea of another step that will solve how to get your dream faster.

So you just drop in in and then rearrange as needed so that it is in the correct and logical order.

Click Play Now and check out this feature.

Sharing Dreams

This one is a MUST when you are helping others to achieve their dreams or perhaps you need a little help yourself.

You can share any of your dreams with another user at any time. And once they approve the share, they can see right inside of the dream you are working on.

It is a great way to help another. Especially if you are a Life Coaching, helping others achieve their dreams.

Click Play and I will show you this SImple Tool!

Chat for Dream Sharing

Hot of the Press. This one is Hot Hot Hot!

Chat gives you and the person you are working with a distraction free environment where you can work purely on Dream Building.

What an amazing exercise.

Let’s call this the No Interference Zone. 

Nothing is more important than your Dreams.

Press Play and Let’s Get Started!

Creating Multiple Dreams

Learning to build and bring into your life Multiple Dreams.

This is quite a skill and is very rewarding. A life filled with Incredible Dreams!

Let’s get started!

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