Time spent on the back end

Hi Guys.

The last month has been valuable time spent on the back end with the correction of the footer behaviour and a few other formatting tweaks.

I also was able to find time to clean up the outdated post and send them to archive. After a little update education into site structure, I have come to believe that getting the site page and application correct and very concise is vital. But when it come to building tones of high value content, this Blog is the place to get it out, out and out.

But most importantly, I found time to update that home page video to a cleaner and more concise version. Especially the volume, as the last prototype was a little bit of a shock with the high volume level suddenly bursting into auto-play. With the branding on the Video Icon, it has also brought the whole look of the page into a much cleaner, uniform look.

What do you think?

Our New Home Page
A VERY Clean Home Page Look for My Dreams.

A cool feature to come over the following week of so brings the Dream Sharing up to date so that members are able to send requests to share dreams, accept share requests, block videos that have been requested and of course withdraw dreams that were shared, but now want to take them back to keep them private.

Pretty Cool and an excellent tool for life coaches world wide.

Two favours please:

  1. Let me know what you think of the new home page video: https://youtu.be/cyHp8GT8jcE
  2. If you have not already, please complete the Deep Dive Survey. This is really valuable and allows me to see what is needed for future development from your viewpoint. Not just what I think is needed: https://mikeking.com.au/the-deep-dive-survey/

Hope you like the update. There were many other milestone wins over the past month, but I will do more consolidation on these and let you know as these updates truly take effect.

A Big Cheers,

Mike King