My Dreams for the Future

My Dreams for the Future!

Leading into the next 12 months a question to ask ourselves could be “What are my dreams for the future ?” Possibly Money, Wealth, Success, Happiness…..

It is so easy for another year to slip right on by as we go about our day to day, week to week routines. We may kind of feel like we are holding everything together and should be able to keep everything running for another year. But do you feel it may make a difference to set in place some strategy and general planning to achieve some of those dreams of yours over this following year.

Building my dreams for the future
Planning a new financial year and my dreams for the future.

Our families are a team. The closest team we hold in fact and the ability of a team to work together very much determines the success of that team. We should take a look at the consequences of our actions in a positive way, not just the negative. (We carefully planned together a great success for the family business, and consequently, shared a great abundance on Christmas Day!”

Doesn’t that feel better to use consequences in this positive direction. The consequences of our well planned actions now, can be a very positive and prosperous future!

Teaching our children to enjoy the consequences of their hard work gives self and group discipline a whole new meaning.

With the electronic age completely and immersively upon us, there is no going back. We need to embrace this technology, Great Grand Parent,  Grand Parent, Parents, Children, Grand Children, Great Grand Children, Aunties and Uncles, Nieces and Nephews. We all can coordinate and achieve our dreams together.

This is true wealth.

Give me a minuter here and Let’s look at the definition of Wealth:

Oxford defines Wealth as:

1. An abundance of valuable possessions or money.
“he used his considerable wealth to bribe officials”
2. A plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing.
“the tables and maps contain a wealth of information”
You can see clearly that this is more than just money. An abundant vegetable garden producing baskets of fresh vegetable for you and your family is wealth.

And what is even more interesting is the derivation of this fantastic word.

Derivation: Wealth‘, comes from the old English ‘weal’, which means ‘wealth, welfare, and wellbeing’. Weal is in turn related to the older word ‘wel’, meaning ‘in a state of good fortune, welfare, or happiness’.

Isn’t that beautiful. It actually puts money right in its place. Money is just a bi-product of wealth. And how much fun can you have producing wealth and abundance?

They say that money isn’t everything. I know that this is absolutely true and we should not fix our attention too much on this. But Wealth? We could almost say that wealth is everything and see that this could be a truth.

Good Fortune, Welfare, Happiness. These pretty well sit up there at the top in my universe.

Let’s all work together over this following financial year and achieve great wealth together. And do so across all platforms, building our dreams and ambitions for blood!

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I wish you all the greatest of success and know without a doubt you can all achieve it. In fact, let’s rename the Financial Year, The Wealthy Year.

Can’t wait to share my dreams with you all.

Mike King – My Dreams for the Future

Founder, The My Dreams App