Some Incredible Successes

Hi Guys;

Just wanted to share some successes from the last couple of weeks.

It never ceases to amaze me how incredible people’s dreams can be.

Incredible, a 19 year old with such big future.

This next one is from a web designer in India. Look out for him in the next 12 months.

But this one surprised me the most. Working with my first couple of the program.

This is a great Christmas Gift.

Share it out or buy it for someone you love and care for. Choose Here!

Will touch base through the Christmas Break.

Mike King




Why Dream Builder

Wow! If I knew how may hurdles and hoops I have had to jump through to bring the Dream Builder into existence, I may have taken a second thought about heading down this track.

But it is real and will become a reality in the near future. Originally I envisioned this as a platform that provides a portal to privately enter and in your own space, create and bring into reality those Dream and Ambitions so close and personal to you.

Each and every day is that in fact. Working on and heading towards your dreams, you are to that degree alive. Running on the treadmill, you are the walking dead.

But bringing this program to the world has been oh so much harder that I have originally envisioned. Continually, the quest of achieving my and the dreams of others, hit into those same barriers. Money.

Money, Money, Money!!!

“If it was not for the barrier of money, I could achieve so much!”

I just want to go surfing right. But even then, the continual problem of money sits and sucks the spiritual energy right from me. How can I be here surfing and enjoying this time surfing this so precious energy with that money worry sitting in the back of my mind so strongly.

Anyway, I have this solved.

For me to provide this platform to so many other and for me to be the one reaping all of the profits in doing so, this would not be the dream builder platform at all. So I had to crack the code.

And that I have done.

And best of all, I don’t expect you to sell soap or vitamins to do so. Not even to present the plan in a lounge room of people that you feel so uncomfortable doing. Not being yourself at all.

So the Dream Builder is the tool that you apply, achieve your life dreams and ambitions and just share it ouy with a vengeance. The software and presentation will take care of the rest.

You will build your team. We will build your team.  You will reap the benefit week in, week out. Cash in you bank, crypto wallet of online wallet of your choice.

There are no longer any limits. This is global. The barriers have come down and your dream is wide open to come true. Then the next and then the next.

Stay tuned, we have finalized the structure the process and final development touches are ever so close to release.

My Word.

See you soon,

Mike King.