Some Incredible Successes

Hi Guys;

Just wanted to share some successes from the last couple of weeks.

It never ceases to amaze me how incredible people’s dreams can be.

Incredible, a 19 year old with such big future.

This next one is from a web designer in India. Look out for him in the next 12 months.

But this one surprised me the most. Working with my first couple of the program.

This is a great Christmas Gift.

Share it out or buy it for someone you love and care for. Choose Here!

Will touch base through the Christmas Break.

Mike King




My Dreams for the Future

My Dreams for the Future!

Leading into the next 12 months a question to ask ourselves could be “What are my dreams for the future ?” Possibly Money, Wealth, Success, Happiness…..

It is so easy for another year to slip right on by as we go about our day to day, week to week routines. We may kind of feel like we are holding everything together and should be able to keep everything running for another year. But do you feel it may make a difference to set in place some strategy and general planning to achieve some of those dreams of yours over this following year.

Building my dreams for the future
Planning a new financial year and my dreams for the future.

Our families are a team. The closest team we hold in fact and the ability of a team to work together very much determines the success of that team. We should take a look at the consequences of our actions in a positive way, not just the negative. (We carefully planned together a great success for the family business, and consequently, shared a great abundance on Christmas Day!”

Doesn’t that feel better to use consequences in this positive direction. The consequences of our well planned actions now, can be a very positive and prosperous future!

Teaching our children to enjoy the consequences of their hard work gives self and group discipline a whole new meaning.

With the electronic age completely and immersively upon us, there is no going back. We need to embrace this technology, Great Grand Parent,  Grand Parent, Parents, Children, Grand Children, Great Grand Children, Aunties and Uncles, Nieces and Nephews. We all can coordinate and achieve our dreams together.

This is true wealth.

Give me a minuter here and Let’s look at the definition of Wealth:

Oxford defines Wealth as:

1. An abundance of valuable possessions or money.
“he used his considerable wealth to bribe officials”
2. A plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing.
“the tables and maps contain a wealth of information”
You can see clearly that this is more than just money. An abundant vegetable garden producing baskets of fresh vegetable for you and your family is wealth.

And what is even more interesting is the derivation of this fantastic word.

Derivation: Wealth‘, comes from the old English ‘weal’, which means ‘wealth, welfare, and wellbeing’. Weal is in turn related to the older word ‘wel’, meaning ‘in a state of good fortune, welfare, or happiness’.

Isn’t that beautiful. It actually puts money right in its place. Money is just a bi-product of wealth. And how much fun can you have producing wealth and abundance?

They say that money isn’t everything. I know that this is absolutely true and we should not fix our attention too much on this. But Wealth? We could almost say that wealth is everything and see that this could be a truth.

Good Fortune, Welfare, Happiness. These pretty well sit up there at the top in my universe.

Let’s all work together over this following financial year and achieve great wealth together. And do so across all platforms, building our dreams and ambitions for blood!

Powerful Dream Building Software to build my dreams for the future
Get the My Dreams App and start making your dreams a reality.

I wish you all the greatest of success and know without a doubt you can all achieve it. In fact, let’s rename the Financial Year, The Wealthy Year.

Can’t wait to share my dreams with you all.

Mike King – My Dreams for the Future

Founder, The My Dreams App


Time spent on the back end

Our New Home Page

Hi Guys.

The last month has been valuable time spent on the back end with the correction of the footer behaviour and a few other formatting tweaks.

I also was able to find time to clean up the outdated post and send them to archive. After a little update education into site structure, I have come to believe that getting the site page and application correct and very concise is vital. But when it come to building tones of high value content, this Blog is the place to get it out, out and out.

But most importantly, I found time to update that home page video to a cleaner and more concise version. Especially the volume, as the last prototype was a little bit of a shock with the high volume level suddenly bursting into auto-play. With the branding on the Video Icon, it has also brought the whole look of the page into a much cleaner, uniform look.

What do you think?

Our New Home Page
A VERY Clean Home Page Look for My Dreams.

A cool feature to come over the following week of so brings the Dream Sharing up to date so that members are able to send requests to share dreams, accept share requests, block videos that have been requested and of course withdraw dreams that were shared, but now want to take them back to keep them private.

Pretty Cool and an excellent tool for life coaches world wide.

Two favours please:

  1. Let me know what you think of the new home page video:
  2. If you have not already, please complete the Deep Dive Survey. This is really valuable and allows me to see what is needed for future development from your viewpoint. Not just what I think is needed:

Hope you like the update. There were many other milestone wins over the past month, but I will do more consolidation on these and let you know as these updates truly take effect.

A Big Cheers,

Mike King

My Dreams App 2021

Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams

For me, this was quite a privilege to create this location. For many years coming, it have been just an idea. Or more like a concept.  We never let go and eventually the framework, in the form of this empty shell warehouse, fell into out lap. Bringing this shell to life, to an Ideal Scene, has been a pleasure and one fantastic achievement we are proud of.

The Flat Bench is Mine!

From this location, so many dreams have been created and bought into reality. I find it vital to have a place where I can look out to create from. Space has a lot to do with it. 

I suggest that you find your place to create from. For this is where you create your future from!e

My Dreams become a reality

Look at this ridicuous home. I mean, this is ridiculous luxury.

Yeh! But what you are looking at here is nothing more or nothing less than one person’s dream. And what a magnificent one at that.

I have one comment only to make of it.

Well done. You were srong enough, powerful enough and unwaving enough to make it come true. You have my complete admiration.

If you are looking at the platform to put your own dreams into reality, they you are in teh exact place you are supposed to be. My dreams is the platform in which you can design your dreams and bring them into reality. But even more than that, with the D Crypto Token, you will be able to fund them as well.

Get you account, verify your Double Opt Login and you are in.

Dream Jewellery

Here we have amazing creation. It does not have to take millions of dollars to bring beauty to life.

To bring Dreams to Life

Jewellery is a place of ultimate expression. A place where dreams come true and are then expressed on the beauty of women across the globe.

Beauty, exhillaration and passion.

The achievement of amazing creation. 

The achievement of your dreams.

All it take is to put it there. Please just take a moment to look around. The world is full of a million, billion, trillion creations. We are here in this life for this perpose.

Come joint the platform. It was put there for you.

Joint our team. 

We would love on board

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