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How My Dreams Came About!

My name is Mike King and I am the founder of My Dreams. A little about me so that you know where I’m coming from and how My Dreams came about.

My journey began in the library of my high school. I was mid my senior years and really had no idea what I was going to do with my life or what direction to take. I just grabbed a pile of books, books with picture on them about the world. Encyclopedias, Atlases, Geography and what ever attracted my attention. But one thing was for sure, it was the pictures that I was looking for. Not the written materials.

I started to get a concept of what it was I was aiming for and most importantly, where I wanted to find my niche may be on this planet.

I was really starting to get into it. Just looking at people and cultures and places all around the world, started to give me a concept of what it was that was drawing my attention. When I looked in the eyes on the various people in the images. Men, women, children, smiling facing, gleaming faces showing off their production. I could see a common denominator in all of them. I could see it, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Probably right at that moment, I was actually only seconds away from a realisation that was about the change my life. But then something happened.

The school captain suddenly rocked up and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was just looking at pictures. He replied “Why?” and just looked at me like I was some kind of weirdo or something.

Well, shame on me for not just staring him down for being such a dick. But the fact was, this interrupted my purpose for being in the library that day and I never returned to continue my search.

Moving forward, he became a Psychologist Banker. Go figure. And eventually after a few life lessons, I became an entrepreneur with a lot of adventure.

Notched up a few achievements on the way. Martial Arts Championships, A State Professional Boxing Title, a family and a home. Lost it and started again and now the Founder and CEO of one of Sydney’s most successful Building Remedial companies down here in Australia. In fact, just signed a deal that is taking it to a whole new level. Very exciting stuff.

But I did find what I was looking for. I found exactly what it was that I saw in the eyes of the people in those images that day. It was the fulfilment and the journey of their personal dreams. 

This is life, this is liberty, this is making your own tomorrow and this is freedom of the highest level.

So “What is the My Dreams App?” I am sure you are asking.

The My Dreams App is the philosophy, a way of life, and finally the personalised and encrypted system that gives you the privacy in which you can:

Design Your Dreams.

Go ahead and Systematically achieve them

But more importantly, to make the whole thing easier, we are going to help you fund them as well. And this we are doing with the beauty of Block Chain Technology.

Imagine getting paid for simply going ahead and creating your dreams.

Image having with you the power to help others, from all walks of life, from any corner of the globe, to also do the same.

What a gift.

This is what you are here for and this is where we go from here.

Into the future, following your dreams and helping those about you to also achieve theirs.

I very much look forward to meeting you in the near future and having the pleasure of sharing your journey in some way. I will always help and do what ever I can to ensure you have the greatest of success.

We have a great team here and you will get to meet everyone in the not too distant future.

We all beat the same drum and call out load our team motto.

Nothing is More Important Than Your Dreams!

Let’s get busy. I will see you in the members areas real soon.

A Big Cheers,

Mike King

CEO and Founder of the My Dreams App!

Go ahead and get started right away

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